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  • Drives an EV
  • Has an app or card for each different charging point operator
  • Waits if charging point is already in use
  • Must look for charging points before leaving
  • Cannot charge if there’s no charging point
  • It’s hard and slow
  • Drives an EV
  • Charges at thousands of charging points with a single app
  • Books the charging point, no more waiting
  • Discovers charging points easily when needed
  • Charge everywhere with community sockets
  • It’s easy, quick and FREE!

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You can always be a PRO with your phone

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John Bartsch


One of the most complete platform existing in the market with a great ease of use

Juan Garcia


Amazing platform with outstanding features. Much more than you expect for a control center!

Roberto Jiménez

Repsol Fundation

The product offered by Place to Plug meets all requirements a charging point operator may have