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Both hosts and guests have their user account at Place to Plug, they can virtually meet each other and share details before booking. Place to Plug doesn't display full names or contact information on public profiles, so our community can feel confident.

All you have to do is enter your destination into the search bar to discover existing charging points. Results feature all kind of charging points, from standard wall outlets to fast chargers. Hosts describe their outlets in detail, including images and power level. Guests can filter the results to fit their needs, they can also check charging points' reviews to check other users' experience.


There are different ways to book charging points on Place to Plug. Some guest prefer to get to know a host before booking while others prefer to reduce the time by directly booking a charging point. Once a charging point has been selected in the results page, user can contact the host to ask for information or can directly click the Book Now button.


We encourage you to share your plugs in Place to Plug! Whether you're offering an standard outlet or a fast charger. It's free to list your charging point.

You will receive an email for each booking request you will have, thus you will be able to accept or cancel the request at your convenience. You can also use our message system to communicate with guests.

If you use the kWh currency, you will accumulate kWh that you can use later on or, if you are a business, to appear in our Most Active Users' ranking. If you use euro as currency, remember that some countries forbid to sell electricity if you are not a charging network operator. The price you will choose for your charging point must correspond to parking price and never to electricity price.

Guest often want to know all charging points details, from socket type to charging level, so please be as much specific as possible. Also including images will help guests to decide for a booking.


Booking fee will be free of charge for a limited time. Users joining our newsletter will receive free booking fees which can be used in 2016. Selecting the kWh currency when offering your charging point is also a good way to get free booking fees.


Do you have any doubt or question? Please contact us here